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Hays Response – Recruiting quality first
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When you cooperate with Hays, you’ll be working with one of the most successful recruitment specialists in the world. We do not only assist you in attracting and selecting professionals. We can also provide you with profound Assessment & Development services. Specialised assessors and coaches take care of the screening and guidance of your employees. This service guarantees you the full benefit of your human capital.

Is your best engineer a good team leader as well? Do your trainees have the potential to progress to higher management roles? We can answer all your questions concerning inflow and outflow of staff. Hays Assessment & Development makes sure you get a clear overview of your employees’ capacities necessary to make your organisation count. Our personal approach is unique. We advise you in terms of:

• Assessment centers
• Development centers
• Coaching
• Training

Assessment center
Is a candidate suited for a certain job? Is he or she stress-resistant enough? We use different tools in order to answer these questions. We screen the candidate’s qualities and points of improvement.

Development center
A candidate wishes to develop his personal skills focussed on a specific job? We investigate the possibilities and make sure the candidate learns more about his personal interests and competences. A development center gives you an in-depth view of the candidate’s career options.

Are you looking for a partner to develop yourself? Is one of your employees struggling with personal issues? Our coaches offer you a practical guide to stimulate awareness and change. You’ll also be subject to individual and intensive guidance. Our coaches create an open and confidential atmosphere in order to get a structural insight in your actions. Hays offers you a clear approach of work-related issues.

Do you want to improve your management team’s leadership skills? Do your account managers need to fine-tune their commercial skills? It is important to operate in the daily working atmosphere to lower the threshold. Hays can provide you with a custom made training making sure relevant skills are taught and trained.