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Dealing with first day nerves

The thought of starting a new job, surrounded by new people and being the “new boy/girl” in the office can cause butterflies to flutter in the most confident of people. However, it’s important to remember that you have been through a thorough recruitment process and your new employers offered you the job on the basis you were the most qualified candidate and best fit for the team.
There are some simple things that can help settle those day one nerves and make your transition in to a new job that much easier:

First impressions last

Ensuring you are immaculately presented and arriving with plenty of time to spare will act as a simple confidence booster and also get you off on the right foot with your new boss and colleagues

Understand what is expected of you on your first day

Your boss and colleagues will consciously or subconsciously be making a judgement of you on your first day. Knowing what they expect of you makes it far easier and likely that you will achieve this and create the right first impression.

Remember names

It can be awkward being shown around the office and introduced as the “newbie”. Try to remember the names of as many of your colleagues as possible and use them as much as you can. This will help you build rapport with your new team and speed up the settling in process.


Try to take in as much information as possible and make good notes so you are not asking the same questions of colleagues over and again. Use your early days to understand not only your job but the office environment and the personalities in it. Ensure you build strong relationships with all the people who will help you to do your job well; remember this is not just your immediate team but could be anyone from the sales manager to the boss’ PA.

Don’t try to change the world on your first day!

You may be managing people or have been hired to change an existing process or culture. Remember to pay due respect to the people and business by understanding how things have been done before you start making major changes. Showing respect for the people involved could be invaluable in getting the team engaged to any changes you do make further down the line.

Finally, and most crucially, be positive!

Ultimately, your first day doesn’t provide a great deal of time to showcase the talent you are bringing to the job and to the team. However, it is ample time to be able to demonstrate your attitude and approach to the job, which is vital for your longer term success.