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How to get the most out of your recruitment consultant?

Recruitment is a people business and we’re passionate about creating valuable relationships with everyone we work with. As recruiters, we want to make sure you find the job that fits with your career plans, and tick as many boxes for you as possible.

There are many things that expert recruiters can do to make your job hunting experience more positive, while there are also some things you can do to enhance your chance of employment success. In this blog, we’ve outlined some of each to help you in your job search process.

5 benefits of working with an expert recruiter

There are many benefits to using a recruiter like Hays who go the extra mile for their clients and candidates – here are five of the most impactful:

We will get to know you and what you’re looking for

Our recruitment consultants invest many hours into building relationships with our clients and candidates alike. This allows us to get a full insight into that businesses’ culture and ambitions, thus enabling them to better match client and candidate.

In doing the proper research and getting to know you as a candidate, we are able to give honest insight into what it’s like to work at that organisation, as well as the questions you’re likely to be asked at interview.

We will understand the special terminology of your industry, how your particular job works and where your skills are most applicable to the potential job. We will also be able to provide you with advice on how to remedy any gaps in your industry knowledge.

We can help you become social media savvy

We understand the importance of social media in the modern job search process, and can advise you on your personal brand and online profile so that you can make a good impression to prospective employers. We have a unique relationship with LinkedIn which allows us increased access to the platform so that we can connect millions of people globally with relevant job opportunities, materials and employment-related content. This can be of great value when it comes to your career advancement – you can follow us on LinkedIn here.

We will build a long-term relationship with you

Of course, we always aim for a “win-win” situation for candidates and clients. It is our role to ensure we provide an impressive shortlist of candidates who meet the criteria the vacancy requires. It is, however, sometimes not possible to submit all suitable candidates, as the company want a limited shortlist in order to save them time.

However, even if one initial role is not right for you, we will remember you when other relevant roles come along.

Similarly, if we have successfully placed you in a role, we will keep in touch with you throughout your career so that you know who to turn to if and when you are looking for a new opportunity.

We will give constructive feedback

On meeting with you, your consultant will give you feedback on your interview technique and resume layout. If you have not been to an interview for a long period of time, then we will provide pre-interview coaching to improve your chances.

If you are not the successful candidate, we will source feedback from the company as to why you were not selected. If you are the lucky one, we will then negotiate to secure you the package you are after, without jeopardising the offer of employment.

What can you do?

The better we are able to understand your career objectives, the more likely we are to be able to help you achieve them. Therefore, it’s a collaboration of both candidate and consultant which leads to the most positive results. Here is what you – as the candidate – can do to make the process successful:

Let us get to know you

At Hays, we like to meet all of our candidates face-to-face to really get to know you and get a feel for the type of company and role you would be best suited to you.

By building a trusting relationship with us, we can tell your story to potential companies, and will advise you of every role before your resume is submitted (unless you have agreed otherwise). Understanding each candidate’s personality and motivations is a huge precursor to their successful placement; it’s important that client and candidate are the right fit for one another.

If you’re not sure about leaving your current job we are more than happy to discuss the trends, and types of roles available in confidence during this meeting.

Be transparent

Keep us informed as to which jobs appeal and which do not. Never go to an interview to make your recruiter happy – only go if you are genuinely interested in the opportunity advertised. Do also let your consultant know your honest salary and benefit expectations throughout the negotiation process, so they can ensure there is no misunderstanding when speaking with employers.

Employers are always keen to understand how you thought your interview went, so please provide feedback to your consultant immediately after to establish your interest in them and the role.

Bringing it all together

Above all, we are passionate about people, and our passion and enthusiasm compels us to match the right person to the right job. This is fundamental to improving careers and allowing people to realise their potential. We look forward to working with you – find your local Hays office here.