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Here's some help to get back to work after summer break

You just got back from vacation. Relaxed, a bit tanned and in an excellent mood. But reality just came knocking on your door: it’s time to go back to work. Here are a few tips to make the best of it!

For days in a row, you didn’t have to do anything else but deciding on what beach you’d work on your tan, which book to read and which cocktail to drink, or which tourist attraction to visit for another Instagram picture. No constant stream of emails or phone calls, no inbox full of to-do’s and no responsibilities. Ah, summer break: for a moment, you’re living in clover.

But, as nice as it may be and how long it may last, there’s an end to everything. At home, there’s business as usual and your colleagues are ready to brief you on anything you’ve missed, from office gossip, over new projects to problems. Feeling the stress already kicking in? Fortunately, we have five tips to make the best of it and to make sure you’re not losing those holiday vibes right away.

Easy does it

Imagine: today you got back from summer break and tomorrow you have to wake up at 6am to get to work. Dreadful, no? Make sure not to rush back into your daily routine and to plan a free day between your return and your first day back in the office. Even better: start working mid-week. That way, the weekend is just 2 days away, so you can go back to relaxing very soon!

Have a plan

It’s hard to resist when you get back at the office and want to just dive in. But: control yourself! Take the time to get organized. Make a to-do list of everything you need to do during the first days of your return and of everything you can postpone to the weeks after. This way you get back into your routine more calmly, without getting stressed out because of a huge pile of work.

Clean out your mailbox

Sure, you had a funny and most of all clear out-of-office message, but still your mailbox will be full of questions, propositions, ideas, … Trying to answer every one of them from day one will be highly counterproductive and most of all it will be stressing you out. Try to answer your emails by spreading them over a few days. This way you’ll still catch up, but every email will also get the attention it deserves, without you losing your mind.

You can still relax

Oh yes, the holidays did you well: good food, being outdoors, sunshine all day long, … But now that you’re back home and working, doesn’t mean this all has to be over. Go outside to grab lunch, exercise before or after work and why not have an aperitif? Hold on to that holiday vibe and why don’t you ask some colleagues with you? Share those good vibes!

Think of your next holiday

Still having trouble with the reality check? Force yourself even more to hold on to the holiday vibes and use your weekends to truly relax, with friends or family, and pretend you’re still on a break. Also, start thinking about your next trip. If you start planning well ahead, not only the prices will be lower, but you’ll also have something to look forward to. That way you’ll regenerate those holiday vibes and reality won’t hit you in the face… too hard.