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Starting your job search? A few things you can't forget

Time for a new job? Determined? Good! You've just taken an important step. But, before you start off your job search, it is important to consider your own wishlist. What are your main requirements for a new job? This will help you to keep focused when key decisions must be made throughout the process.

Are you sure you want to leave the company?

Is there anything that could change in your current role or company that would make you stay? If so, then before you do anything else talk to your manager or your contact person at HR. They know in which direction the company is evolving and perhaps you can sit together to discuss a new career within the company.

Define your job requirements and keep focused

Growth opportunity? Location? Salary increase? Experience in a different industry? Lay out your targets for this next step in your career and focus your job search in these areas. This will help you when you're experiencing difficulties in your job search.

Have a list of top companies you want to work with

Do you know a growing company nearby? Or are you familiar with a few companies in the same industry? Then first, have a look at their current job opportunities. Consider companies because of their location, brand, culture or simply because you’ve heard great things about the work they’re doing.

Keep track of your applications

Employers tell us that receiving multiple applications from the same candidate dilutes the legitimacy of the application. Receiving multiple applications from the same candidate via different sources doesn't leave a good impression with employers neither. So make sure to note where you applied and through which source.


Searching for a new job and applying takes time and a lot of effort. However if you do it well it will quickly get you good results. Don't give up and stay faithful to yourself. You can always contact our recruitment consultants to help you. They know your expertise, they know what employers need and they can quickly get you in touch with the right companies. Send us your CV and we'll free some time for you.