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How to apply for an external job?

Should you decide to look externally at career opportunities there are a number of actions that you should take before you commence your search. Be clear about the type of job you are looking for and the type of organisation that you want to work within. If you are not sure, speak to friends with a similar background to yourself or speak to an expert like a specialist Recruitment Consultant. Once you have made a decision about the type of role that you are looking for, prepare a CV that matches your relevant experience to this type of role. If you decide that you are interested in more than one type of role, prepare multiple CVs to reflect these types of jobs.

Consider your strategy for entering the jobs market. What is right for you? Will you apply to jobs online or in the media, attend relevant networking events, use a recruitment agency, utilise web-based tools such as LinkedIn or a combination of several different methods.

Applying for jobs online
There are large generic job boards available to search for specific roles but there may also be specialist websites where you can also search for roles. Before you commence your search it would be useful to speak to people in your industry about what they have found effective for them. Some job boards allow you to post a copy of your CV, but you should consider whether you want this out in the public domain with the possibility of your current employer getting visibility of it.

Applying for jobs offline

Many employers use printed advertisements to find the right candidates. This is very often interesting for supporting staff or candidates within a certain working area. Specialised magazines can also be a good tool to search your new job.

Using a recruitment agency
If you chose to use a recruitment agency to assist you in your job search then it is important to understand who to choose and what they should and shouldn’t be doing for you. It is always best to choose an agency, which you either have had a good previous experience with or you know someone who recommends them. Looking for a new job is one of the biggest decisions you can make, so you need to be able to trust the agency you partner with.

Do not register with more than 1 or 2 agencies, we recommend this for a number of reasons:
You will be able to build a personal relationship with your consultant who will in turn have a better understanding of the type of role which you are looking for. It will also enable you to track your job search better, where your CV has been sent etc.

The more agencies you work with, the more confusing this can become and can sometimes result in your CV being sent multiple times to the same organisation, which can be off putting for that organisation as you can come across desperate.

You should expect the following from your consultant:

•    A personal interview on your experience and aspirations
•    An action plan on how they will work with you
•    A full briefing on the job and the organisation you apply for
•    Tips on how to prepare for the interview
•    Quick feedback from the consultant and explanation of the next step
•    Feedback if you are unsuccessful (depending on the company’s policy)
•    Advise on how to secure the best possible offer
•    Advise on the best way to hand in your notice