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Invited to a job interview? Congratulations

Very soon, you can go on a job interview at one of our client! This is an important step you need to prepare in order to get the most out of it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to impress your future employer.

1)    Dress like a professional.
The outfit you wear on a job interview , needs to fit the job you apply for or the company culture. Don’t hesitate to ask your Hays consultant for more practical details on the dress code.

2)    Arrive on time ! 
Make sure to take the Hays interview confirmation with you. On this confirmation, you’ll find the contact details of your contact person, so you can give him/her a call if you are being delayed. Make sure to contact your Hays consultant as well if you are too late, if required your consultant can immediately arrange a new meeting for you.

3)    Bring your CV
Always carry a copy of your CV with you to an interview.

4)   Get informed
Before the interview, read the job description once more and have a look at the company’s website to get some information and to show your contact person that you are interested in the company.

5)    Smile !
On an interview, a good first impression is very important. Smile and you’ll see that the conversation will go more smoothly as tension will drop.

6)   Show your added value

During the conversation, show how your experience can be beneficial for the company. You can use the job description for this;

7)    Be realistic
Be transparant and realistic about your current salary and your salary expectations. If you are too demanding, you’ll very likely don’t get the job.

8)    « Sell yourself », but don’t overdo!
Don’t hesitate to use your success stories and your accomplishments to convince your contact person that you are the right person for the job. Look at the contact person.  Even if you are nervous, it is important to look at your contact person during the conversation. This will show a genuine interest.

9)    Ask questions and show interest in the job
Ask the employer about the job, the company, your future colleagues. This will show that your are genuinly interested in the job and it will allow you to check whether you will fit in.
- For a temporary assignment:  Show that the company can count on you until the end of the mission and that you are reliable. 
- For a permanent assignment : Show that you are interested in potential career opportunities. This indicates that you are looking to get involved for a longer period. 

At the end of the interview, always as for the next step. When can you expect feedback, can you contact the company yourself for feedback?

10) Be convinced of your own value
Start and end every interview with a firm hand shake.  

By following up on all of these tips, you will very likely survive the first interview. Make sure to take into account all tips that your Hays consultant gives you and don’t hesitate to call your consultant for more information!

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