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7 common contracting interview questions

Have you been called in for an interview for a contracting or freelancing role? Once the sole domain of the permanent recruitment process, many of today’s employers want to interview a flexible worker before signing a contract.

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12 types of colleagues and how to deal with them

As a bird is known by his note, so is a man – or colleague – by his talk. What are the different types of colleagues you can run into at work, and more importantly, how do you deal with them?

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11 ways to be more productive at work

Being productive at work is not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. It’s about careful preparation, smart use of your resources and the effective streamlining of tasks. But before even any of this, it’s about your attitude.

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New job, 5 things you will have to adapt to

Taking a new position is an important step in your career. As you approach your first day of work, you will probably feel both impatient and a little stressed. After all, a new job is synonymous of many changes...

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Introverts: here's how to shine in your interview

Do you have an interview coming up? One which you’re otherwise feeling confident in your suitability for? And yet you can’t fight the niggling worry... 

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